Our Procedure

Initially we conduct a pre-assessment and then recommend conducting further research in order the gather the evidence in accordance with the above cases.
We usually conduct an archive search to find the necessary records regarding the family history and citizenship status before filing an application.
Application Procedure
If the research is successful, we will ask you to answer our questionnaire so we can inform you of the civil status documents you need in order to apply for German citizenship. We take care of all the documents that were originally issued in Germany. Our job is to prepare the application for your family, present the case with the evidence to the citizenship authority and correspond with the authorities on your behalf. Your job will be to provide us with up-to-date personal information and the relevant documents from your home country.
After the approval of the citizenship authority, you will receive an invitation from your German municipality, German embassy, or consulate for handing over your naturalization certificate. You become a German citizen the day you receive the naturalisation certificate, and can fill in a form asking for German travel documents such as a passport and an ID. Handing over the naturalization certificate is usually a matter of a couple of weeks after the approval and the date cannot be effectively influenced. In some embassies the duration currently is a couple of months unfortunately. For an estimate of the duration of the application procedure from abroad, from the start until approval, please see chart below. chart