Our Fees for Citizenship Cases

According to the German Law on the Remuneration of Attorneys (RVG), the average attorney fee (“Mittelgebühr”) for a citizenship application amounts to 921 EUR per person. In addition, several expenses set by the law may apply (in particular 19% VAT for all applicants who reside in the EU). We usually will charge this average fee for a citizenship application. For very difficult cases, we will have to offer an hourly agreement instead. For families and descendants of Nazi-persecuted persons that wish to naturalize as a group, we usually can offer a special fee agreement, taking into account the specific situation in these cases. The fees in this agreement are as follows: First a Research and Consultation Fee for the whole family which is 300 EUR including outlays for archive researches. Second an Application Fee for each applicant on condition the results were positive. Our application fee is 700 EUR for each applicant and 500 EUR for those under the age of 16. These fees include all expenses except translations of non-English civil status documents and notarized copies if applicants want to keep their original documents. chart Clients whose residence is in Germany or the European Union are subject to paying VAT, which is currently 19% in addition to all fees and expenses.